Since founded in 1997, Fame Master has been specializing in designing, manufacturing and exporting plastic educational toys, puzzle educational toys and figurine toys of high quality and innovation on a worldwide basis. In 1998, we created our first figurine character “ALIEN Q “, which was so well received by the kids and teenagers. Over 5 million pieces of figurine toys and wind-up toys had been sold through various channels, including fast food shops (e.g. KFC & HARDEES), chain stores, department stores, theme parks, etc., spreading all over the world.

In 2001, Fame Master developed the first 4 dinosaurs 4D PUZZLE educational toys, which are highly recognized for their authenticated look, museum quality of painting and finishing, novel and creative designs, educational while enjoyable and inspiring meaning contained in puzzle-building toys. In 2005, Fame Master has granted the Sole Agents right of our 4D PUZZLE educational toy products for some countries and areas over the world. Currently, Fame Master has developed a new toy line called, GEAR’X , which focuses on creative wind-up, pull-back and other gear-box toys. Both 4D PUZZLE and GEAR’X toy products have been established all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, U.K., Northern Europe, Japan, South Africa, Southeast Asia…etc.

In future, Fame Master will keep on expanding the variety in both 4D PUZZLE educational toy and GEAR’X creative and fun gear box toy product lines, and we will give full scope to our creativity to serve the children and parents all over the world by providing them with more and more fun, inspiration and intelligence. Also, we will keep on co-operating with various licensed companies, such as the license holders of ULTRAMAN & DISNEY (and their Agents) utilizing our design and concept in high quality creative educational toys.